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We represent the very best quality equipment lines that our customers depend on to help them keep producing at the lowest cost

per ton.


We utilize OEM parts to ensure our ability to troubleshoot any issues you may have and to keep your parts consumption to a minimum.

Best quality equipment lines

Our products

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We understand that our customers have choices. Customers choose KastRock Services LLC because time and time again, even years after the sale, we stand by the products we carry.


Our staff stands ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

Passionate about service

About KastRock Services LLC

Our mission is simple: we are committed to providing the best level of service that our customers require and deserve.  


We are committed to assisting our customers in all levels of their process, whether or not we represent what our customers are looking for.

Our commitment to you

Our team

We have over 30 years of aggregate processing experience. We know machinery and reliability. We are all about servicing you.

The lines you can depend on

Our goal is to provide direction and information to help you find what you need, on the items we don’t represent, without margin or profit. We believe that in providing this level of service, our customers will utilize our honesty and dependability on the manufacturers we do represent.

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