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Eagle Iron Works

  •  Inspect elevating feed lip on tanks

  •  Inspect valve & paddle height settings in tanks

  •  Routinely change hydraulic fluid and filters in tanks

  •  Use correct motor springs and spring location in each station

  •  Inspect adjustments on rising current plates and valves

  •  Monitor specific gravity to insure proper classification

  •  Call KastRock Services on any issues with tank operations

Eagle Iron Works

  •  Inspect feed boxes regularly

  •  Inspect shoes and flights regularly

  •  Monitor screw speed for optimal efficiency

  •  Call KastRock Services on any issues with screw operations


Our experienced professionals are always here to assist you with all of your aggregate processing requirements.



Deister Screens and Feeders

  •  Obtain monthly oil samples

  •  Check support springs regularly

  •  Check for material build up to assure screen is not hitting

  •  Check all hardware weekly, to assure bolts are tight and have not vibrated loose.

     If bolts are found loose, assure they were not wallowed out. If so, contact KastRock Services or,  .   Deister machine Company for recommendations.

  •  Assure all bolts are torqued to required spec.

  •  Use proper oil ( Check with KastRock or Deister )

  •  Consult operations manual for oil changing procedures

  •  Operate vibrating grizzly feeders loaded for proper efficiency and smooth operation.

  •  Monitor media bucker rubber and replace when needed

  •  Take stroke readings regularly to assure screen is operating efficiently

  •  Monitor motor and screen sheave wear

  •  Keep timing belt enclosures clean

  •  Monitor motor base adjustments and belt tension

  •  Monitor support deck condition regularly

  •  Always use Deister OEM parts for optimal efficiencies, and ease of trouble shooting





Bohringer Crushers and Roller Grizzly

• Monitor rotor wear

• Monitor hammer locking hardware

• Monitor apron wear

• Bohringer provides rotor inspections and rebuilds other manufactures rotors

Check with KastRock Services for questions concerning any media needs

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